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Cults, Copycats, & Cons

Cults, Copycats, & Cons

Cults, Copycats, & Cons is a a cult book report and graphic novel which exposes hidden truths behind gated walls inside the Divine New Order (DNO) Cult and Cosmic Family commanded by Gabriel of Urantia, aka the self proclaimed Planetary Prince of Urantia (Watch Secret Video).

About Me:
I am Lola Liberta, a celestial breeder and spiritual slave who escaped from the Divine New Order (DNO) Cosmic Cult and Planetary Prison on Planet Urantia.

Why I Joined:
My journey first began when I heard about the DNO colony on Planet Urantia. Rumored as the new Garden of Eden, the home of the Celestial Cosmic Family, and the source of the Supernatural Holy Organic Grail, I had to check it out, I had to go. After emailing back and forth with the DNO planetary headquarters, they set up a private paid tour. I spent 8 magical days and 8 mystical nights living with over 100 energized earthlings and supernatural alien beings inside the DNO colony. I was hugged, loved, adorned, massaged, pampered, petted, probed, praised, examined, and invited back. I fell in love, deep in love. I was in a state of cosmic bliss. I had a cosmic connection. I had to join.

Why I Escaped:
21 hours before my escape from the DNO I was summoned to the DNO planetary headquarters by the DNO Planetary Prince, aka Gabriel of Urantia. As part of my mental, spiritual, celestial, physical, sexual, and financial reprogramming, I was assigned this mandatory DNO rook report. The assignment was to describe in my own words what the DNO meant to me. Without writing this book report I would be locked out of the DNO colony gates. I would not be allowed to be a DNO cult member. I loved the DNO, so I wrote this 16,493 word book report and graphic novel Cults, Copycats, & Cons during which I discovered 99 reasons to join, and 1 reason to not. I knew I could not leave. I knew I could not stay. I knew I had to escape.

Cults, Copycats, & Cons
Escape from the DNO Cult
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