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Dirt Road & Cult Collar

The Dirt Road & The Cult Collar

The Dirt Road & The Cult Collar is an original pencil sketch by Lola Liberta. I first met Lola when I found her sleeping in a ditch next to a dirt road just outside the Divine New Order (DNO) cult and Cosmic Family community.

After she awoke, she smiled, gave me a big long hug, and stared deep into my eyes for several long seconds. She said her name was Lola Liberta. She said she was a Celestial Breeder and Spiritual Slave. She said she had just escaped from the DNO cult and cosmic community.

She handed me a sketch book and said it was her Cults, Copycats, & Cons book report. She showed me The Dirt Road & The Cult Collar, she showed me everything. She said she had to leave the country. She said she had exposed hidden truths behind gated walls. I had no idea what to think.

I had no idea who Lola was. Until I read her book report ~ Zio Zingaro

Cults, Copycats, and Cons

Cult Collar History

In a BDSM context, a cult collar is a device of any material worn by a person around the neck to indicate their submissive or slave status in a BDSM relationship. A person wearing a collar to symbolize their relationship with another is said to be collared. Some people conduct formal “collaring ceremonies”, which are regarded as effectively solemnizing their relationship in a similar way as a marriage ceremony and the collar having similar significance as a wedding ring.

Traditionally, the standard form of a collar is a black Leather Collar band around the neck, often with metal D-rings added to allow the attachment of a leash, rope or other restraints. However, to be more discreet in public, some people may wear an ordinary Choker or jewelry necklace for the same symbolic purpose. Often just the sensual sense of having the choker or necklace on fulfills the purpose.

Cult Collar Construction

The most common material for a cult collar is leather, and many people use actual Leather Dog Collars with a buckle. Other materials include rubber, PVC, and metal (typically stainless steel; however, a few sources offer precious metal versions). Many collars are constructed with several different materials, and may also be decorated in various ways. Collars often feature buckles, straps and hooks, padlocks and other attachments.

Cult Collar Etiquette

In some social groups, one is expected to follow certain rules regarding a collared person. Traditionally, a person should ask if he or she wants to be collared. The collar itself is often owned and affixed by the dominant to the submissive. Learn more about BDSM Collar Etiquette and find yourself the perfect Collar or Choker for your special collection.

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